Akshara’s accident truth to surface in Yeh Rishta….


KaiRa’s Haldi ceremony goes on well. Kartik asks Dadi to start the rasam soon. Bhabhimaa jokes that they have to follow the right mahurat. Naira sees Aditya and Kirti arguing. Kirti requests Aditya not to create any issues, while Aditya raises hand on her. Aditya asks Kirti to just shut up and not give him any Gyaan. Kirti asks him to not spoil anything in Kartik’s marriage. Aditya blames Naira for insulting him by a bad blame. He asks Kirti why did she not defend him. Aditya was going to fall down, and Kirti saves him. Aditya yells on Kirti.

Kirti tells Aditya that his behavior makes her scared, but does not make her respect him. He asks her to stay as wife, and not dare to go against him. Aditya threatens Kirti to ruin Goenkas’ reputation. Kirti asks him to calm down. Aditya scares Kirti about pushing her. Naira comes to them. Naira sees Aditya threatening Kirti and hurting her. Aditya pushes Kirti, but Naira saves Kirti in nick of time. Kirti gets saved from falling down the cliff. Naira realizes Kirti and Aditya’s bitter relation truth. Naira encourages Kirti to speak up to her parents about Aditya’s truth. She says I will tell Manish and Suwarna, what you are tolerating. Kirti stops Naira from telling anyone. Aditya acts sweet in front of his inlaws. He makes excuse about Kirti.

Kartik thinks he is mistaken to spot Kirti at the cliff side. He gets caught in Aditya’s lie. Kirti tells Naira that she is not strong. Naira asks Kirti not to tolerate this, as there is no solution. Kirti has no hope of anything changing in her relation. Naira says I want to become your shield. Kirti asks Naira to hide this matter from everyone. Kirti worries for Kartik and Naira’s marriage, and promises Naira to let marriage happen peacefully. Kirti acts normal in front of everyone by hiding her sufferings. Goenkas apply haldi on Kartik during the haldi ceremony. Suwarna gets a chance to apply haldi and gets too emotional.

Singhanias apply haldi to Naira. Naira and Kartik imagine applying haldi to each other and romancing. Dadi asks Kartik not to meet Naira as haldi ceremony is done. Kartik hopes to see Naira in Varmala. Mansi breaks the shocking truth to Kartik that she has done Akshara’s accident and killed her. Kartik does not know how to react and break this truth to Naira and Singhanias. Keep reading.


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