Chakor fears to lose Kasturi in Udaan


Chakor looks for Kasturi and cries, asking Kasturi to come and see her once. Chakor gets angry on Bhaiya ji for risking Kasturi’s life. Bhaiya ji has given this shock to Suraj and Chakor. Chakor beats Suraj and says you are very bad, you could not save my mum, tell me where is she, why did you not save her. She is dying to see Kasturi once. She looks down the cliff and gets in shock. Suraj asks Chakor to come to senses.

Bhaiya ji planned to kill Kasturi and Tejaswini and gave task to Chakor and Suraj to save their mothers. After the blast, Chakor could not believe Kasturi died. She says there is nothing here which can prove Kasturi’s death. She says Kasturi is alive and gets some hope. Suraj and Chakor went to save Kasturi, but they found Tejaswini at that place. They freed Tejaswini, but could not find Kasturi. Chakor cries. Suraj consoles her. Chagan has saved Kasturi, as Ragini confides Kasturi’s location to him.


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