Vardaan to kidnap Devanshi…


Devanshi is regarded negative for the village. Devanshi is asked to sing for Shuddhikaran, only then she will be allowed to stay in the village. Vardaan wants to stop Devanshi from singing in the ceremony. She tells him that she has come for Sakshi’s treatment and she is not scared of anyone.

Devanshi and Vardaan argue like before, without knowing each other’s identities. Servant hears them arguing and come to check for them. Vardaan puts a cloth in Devanshi’s mouth and stops her. Vardaan has kidnapped Devanshi. She shouts for help. She asks him to leave her. He asks her to shut up and stay silent. Just Vardaan can understand Devanshi, but Devanshi does not know the guy who always troubles her is Vardaan. Vardaan will prove Devanshi true in front of the villagers very soon.


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