Rangeela’s past to be revealed in Ghulaam


Rangeela dances on Veer’s saying. Veer insults Rangeela and commands him to dance, to prove to Shivani that Rangeela is nothing but his Ghulaam. Shivani gets saddened. Veer says you danced same way like you used to dance in childhood. Rangeela is tortured again. Veer makes fun of Rangeela’s mother who went mad. He pays the money to Rangeela.

He asks Shivani to give some money to Rangeela, if she liked Rangeela’s drama. Rangeela’s past will be seen in upcoming track, why Rangeela’s mum got mad and how Rangeela turned into a Ghulaam. Rangeela feels bad to see Veer making fun of his mum. Veer asks Rangeela to act like Shivani now, how Shivani cries and learn that to do mimicry. Shivani cries. Veer jokes on Shivani’s tears. Rangeela feels bad and provoked to rebel. Keep reading.


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