Jhanvi suspects Maya behind Ashwin’s murder in Beyhadh


Police comes to arrest Jhanvi again. Police has doubt on Arjun and Maya also. Jhanvi gets scared seeing police and hides behind Maya. Inspector asks Jhanvi to get ready. Jhanvi refuses to go with police. He says everyone’s number will come some day, but today its your turn. He shows the handcuffs and asks her how long will she sit at home after sending Ashwin to heaven. He has arrest warrant against Jhanvi.

Jhanvi says Maya I won’t go and hugs her. Jhanvi gets shocked knowing Maya has killed Ashwin and was giving her medicines to make her mad. She says Maya can’t do this with me, I m her life, Maya wanted to prove me mad, but why did she do this, why is she taking revenge from me. Jhanvi thinks Maya can’t do this with me, and thinks maybe Arjun or Saanjh has done this to break her and Maya’s relation. Arjun and Saanjh get anti-warrant to stop Jhanvi from getting arrested. Arjun tells Maya that Jhanvi won’t go away. Maya thanks Arjun for the help.


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