Anika and Shivay’s master plan turns shocking in Ishqbaaz


Anika welcomes Shivay for his marriage. She takes him to the mandap by showering flowers in his way. Dadi asks Shivay to think once again. Mrs. Kapoor asks Shivay to sign the divorce papers before marrying Tia. Pinky says decision is already taken and asks Shivay to just sign the papers. Shivay signs the papers, shocking Anika. Pinky goes to welcome the pandit. Anika gets hurt by Shivay’s step. Mrs. Kapoor asks Tia not to spoil their plan by any stupidity. She explains Tia to forget Dushyant and marry Shivay.

Pinky takes the bride Tia to the mandap. Shivay and Tia gets seated in the mandap. Anika makes final attempts to know about Tia’s husband. Rumi stops Anika and tells about Dushyant. She says Robin is Tia’s husband Dushyant. Anika says I will call Shivay, I don’t understand. Rumi repeats the same thing, and asks Anika to stop the marriage, Dushyant is the father of Tia’s child. Anika understands what Rumi meant to say and gets a big shock. Anika goes to stop Shivay from marrying Shivay.

Anika announces in front of everyone that Tia is cheating Shivay, and she is pregnant with Dushyant’s child. She breaks the ghatbandhan and asks Shivay not to do this marriage, as it’s not needed. She tells Shivay that Tia is married to Dushyant, who is none other than Robin. Pinky asks what is this nonsense, Robin is Tia’s brother.

Anika tells Pinky that Rumi told her that Robin is Tia’s husband. Tia worries. Anika tells them that Robin is Dushyant, and he is the father of Tia’s child. Everyone receives a big shock. Mrs. Kapoor plays safe and puts all blame on Anika. Pinky calls Anika mad to blame Tia such disgustingly.

Mrs. Kapoor defends Tia and their family. She threatens Shivay about Omkara’s truth. Shivay hurriedly goes to stop Mrs. Kapoor and gets down the altar. He throws Omkara’s phone to stop him from seeing the video. Shivay tells them that he will rectify the things now.

Anika asks him not to marry Tia. Shivay shouts on her for crossing the limits by such shameful blame. Anika asks him to believe her. Shivay does not believe her and throws her out of the mansion. Mrs. Kapoor gets relieved. It all happens as per Anika and Shivay’s plan. Anika calls up Khanna and asks him to begin their next step. It gets revealed that Anika did not lose her memory and was just playing around. Shivay and Anika smile and proceed to get Dushyant in front of everyone.


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