Dramatic revelation of Kapoor’s revenge motives in Ishqbaaz


Tia asks Mrs. Kapoor to tell the truth. Mrs. Kapoor scolds her for ruining their plan. Tia reminds Tej and Shakti, that her dad used to work as manage in Oberoi’s chemical factory, he died in a car accident. Tia says I was planted in Shivay’s life so that we can take revenge from Oberois. Tej and Shakti ask Tia about their big business family background. Tia says it was all a lie. Mrs. Kapoor asks Tia to stop it. Tia asks her mom till when will she increase their hatred. Tia says mom always told us that you all are responsible for our dad’s death.

Mrs. Kapoor hurts Tia and pushes her, not caring for her pregnant state. Tia asks Mrs. Kapoor to come with her, and drop the enmity. She accepts the truth to Pinky that Anika is right, and this baby belongs to Dushyant, who is known to Robin as everyone. She says this baby does not belong to Shivay. Everyone get a big shock. Tia’s truth has come out in front of Oberoi family.

It so happens that Anika gets Dushyant in Oberoi mansion. Tia could not control her emotions after seeing Dushyant. Tia thought Dushyant died. But, seeing him alive, she speaks up everything. Tia admits her mom’s revenge motives. Tia says I came in mom’s words and cheated Shivay, I even planned attacks on Anika. Pinky gets heartbroken knowing Tia’s truth. She feels cheated. Anika’s memory loss was a part of this plan to expose Tia. Tia has confessed the truth.

Shivay tells the family that he had doubt on Tia when Tia said she is pregnant with his child, Anika and he decided to find the truth, his doubt got certain when Rudra’s marriage news broke on tv, they got to know from camera footage that Tia has leaked the video in media from Anika’s phone, he did not see Tia’s face in the video, but he has seen her hands. He says all that was a drama, I have pushed Anika down, and Anika acted to lose memory, so that we can expose Tia. Tia gets a shock, but Tia is happy to get her love back. Tia does not care of her truth coming out. Anika says Shivay and I used to talk by messages and then delete the messages, so that no one knows about our plan. Mrs. Kapoor says all this revelations do not matter now, as Tia and Shivay got married, and now Tia is Oberoi’s bahu. Rudra shocks Mrs. Kapoor saying Tia’s marriage is nullified. He removes the beard and tells Mrs. Kapoor that he was acting as a pandit, and Tia and Shivay’s marriage done just now is fake. Rudra tells them that he acted really well. Mrs. Kapoor gets angry on Tia. Shivay and Anika says we knew Mrs. Kapoor would know about our plan, so we did all this. Mrs. Kapoor determines to settle scores. Tia apologizes to Shivay and his family. Keep reading.


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