Kartik to seek justice for Akshara in Yeh Rishta….

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

Naira celebrates with her family and dances in her haldi. She imagines dancing with Kartik. Naksh finds Naitik upset and does dance on Naagin song to cheer him up. Kartik’s family comes there and sees Naksh. Everyone laugh on Naksh for donning a ghunghat. Bhabhimaa welcomes them for haldi ceremony. The haldi function goes on well, but Baisa gets into an argument with Kartik’s Dadi. Kartik’s family stays back and sees Naira’s haldi. Mansi sees Akshara’s pic and feels guilty. She hears Naitik talking on phone about Akshara’s murderer running from the jail. Mansi panics and sinks in more guilt. Mansi feels fear of getting away from her family, and creating hurdle in Kartik’s happiness.

Kartik sees Mansi and comes to know the matter. Mansi assumes Akhilesh has come to her and tells the complete truth of Akshara’s murder. She says the man from run away from jail and now he will tell my name, I told you to tell my name, what will everyone think about us, Kartik will never forgive me now, he will feel so bad that we broke his trust. Kartik gets a big shock knowing Mansi has done Akshara’s accident. She says Naira will hate me, I will go jail for Akshara’s murder, as I have killed her. Kartik does not know how to accept this truth. Mansi confesses her crime and asks Akhilesh what will they do now. Mansi sees Kartik behind and gets terrified.

Naitik tells Naksh and Naira about the murderer eloping from the jail. Naira gets angry and says we will not leave Akshara’s murderer. Kartik thinks of Akhilesh’s lies, and Mansi’s fears. Kartik cries thinking about Mansi. Naira thinks of Naitik and family suffering because of Akshara’s loss by someone’s mistake. Naira and Kartik meet to tell the recent facts to each other. Kartik loses courage to tell Mansi’s truth. Kartik goes and confronts Akhilesh for hiding Mansi’s truth. He tells Akhilesh of informing Naira and Singhanias about Mansi’s crime. Akhilesh slaps Kartik and tries hard to stop him. Kartik hurries to keep up Naira’s trust on him and get justice for Akshara. Keep reading.


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