Kusum Sundari plans to get Devanshi killed


Devanshi has to sing a bhajan in temple. The man gives her a paper asking her to read and tell everyone about Devanshi. She gets shocked reading Devanshi is unlucky for villagers, and she is like Daayan. She gets much hurt and cries. Kusum Sundari orders her to read what’s written in the paper. Vardaan does not let her read anything against Devanshi. Devanshi and Sakshi got the name tattoos made on their hands. Sakshi has Devanshi’s name written on her. Everyone think Sakshi is Devanshi. Kusum’s men catch Sakshi and tie her to the tree.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irq4TVGqZwU]

They pour kerosene on her and want to burn her to end the bad luck from the village. Devanshi is caught up. She screams and asks them to leave Sakshi. Devanshi admits that she is Devanshi, and clears misunderstanding. But, no one believes Devanshi because of the tattoo. They go ahead to burn Sakshi. The villagers blame Devanshi for everything. Vardaan also thinks Sakshi is Devanshi. He goes to support Sakshi and calls media there to stop the angry crowd from burning Sakshi. Kusum Sundari lets Sakshi go with Devanshi, so that Kusum’s name does not get spoiled in media.


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