Twisty: Rumi survives Shwetlana’s attack in Ishqbaaz


Pinky is glad that Jhanvi recovered and joined the celebrations. Anika sees Tia going to meet someone and suspects the guy to be Dushyant. Anika calls Shivay there. Tia introduces her friend Sharad. Shivay meets Sharad. Anika wonders who is Dushyant, if this guy is Sharad. She realizes the other guy Robin in the photos was Dushyant.

Rumi gets freed by making the statue fall down. Shivay looks for Rumi. Rumi calls him. Shwetlana tries to strangulate Rumi and stops her from talking to Shivay. Khanna shows Rumi in the CCTV footage. Shivay does not know Rumi, but Rudra identifies her as Rumi. Shivay realizes its same pyscho Devi Rumi, who got after Rudra. Oberois dance and celebrate in the sangeet. Shivay and Anika have a moment. Shivay and Anika feel the longing and separation pain. Rumi tries to run away from Shwetlana to save her life and falls downstairs.

Everyone rush to Rumi. Pinky asks who is this girl. Shivay realizes its Rumi, who has the video chip. He thinks to make Rumi recover so that he can get the chip. Mrs. Kapoor plans to stop Shivay from getting the chip from Rumi. Rumi survives the fall. Doctor asks Shivay to wait for Rumi till she recovers completely.

Shwetlana looks for the video chip. She hides on Shivay’s coming there. Even Shivay checks Rumi’s clothes for the video chip. He checks her bangles and watch. He does not get the chip. Anika dresses up for Shivay’s wedding. She applies sindoor and takes the mangalsutra to wear it for the final time. She drops the mangalsutra. Shivay catches it and makes Anika wear it. Shivay hopes Anika to recall the past. He feels it’s too late now. Pinky does Shivay’s aarti and takes him for the marriage. Pinky wants to get rid of Anika soon. Mrs. Kapoor blackmails Shivay again, to sign on divorce papers first and get married to Tia.


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