Naina to save Indu’s life in Pardes


Naina meets Indu/Dadi when she goes to give medicines to her. Dadi gets critical. Naina worries for her and admits her in hospital. Raghav is busy and does not get ready to give the interview, as he has to meet Dadi. Pandey lies to Raghav about Naina. Naina gets to know that Dadi is out of danger. Doctor says its positive sign that her brain reacted, she can come out of coma.

Naina thinks Raghav would be happy hearing this. Naina complains to doctor about careless nurse, while the nurse complains to Raghav about Naina. Raghav gets informed that Dadi is fine and goes for his interview. Naina interrupts Raghav’s interview and informs him about Dadi. Naina scolds Raghav for not taking care of Dadi well. Zeenu sees Naina and Raghav on the news channel and get to know they both are in Mumbai. Zeenu heads to meet Naina. Raghav asks Naina to stop it. Naina asks him how did he forget Dadi.

Raghav blames Naina to make plan to kidnap Dadi, knowing he loves her a lot. Naina tells him that Dadi was in critical state, Dadi was alone and nurse was not seeing her, and she has saved Dadi by taking her to hospital. Naina clears that she can never harm Dadi. Raghav thanks Naina for the favor to save Dadi. Naina and Raghav argue over their love. Raghav calls her love a stupidity. He promises Naina that Dilraj will not make her leave the house. He asks her to work in office as per the contract and then resign. Zeenu meets with an accident. Raghav identifies her as Naina’s friend and helps her. He spots Naina and tells her about Zeenu’s accident.


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