Suraj to gain his freedom in bits in Udaan


Suraj got his freedom after winning Bhaiya ji’s bet. Bhaiya ji releases Suraj by removing all the chains. He asks Suraj to leave from the haveli. The kids dance and play dumroo. Chakor and Suraj are happy and leave for village, Tejaswini waits for Suraj and stands with aarti plate in hand. Kasturi and Bhuvan say Suraj will be coming any time now.

Bhaiya ji gets Suraj and Chakor to Kasturi’s house. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji why is he troubling Suraj. Bhaiya ji throws the aarti plate. He tells everyone that Suraj is still a bandhua, and he will not stay in anyone’s house in village, he will not get any help. He says now Suraj will work for villagers, and not him. Suraj says Bhaiya ji can’t break me as I m like a stone, which always remains a stone even after breaking. Bhaiya ji has just freed Suraj from stable.

Bhaiya ji asks villagers not to help Suraj, and he will give them more wages. Chakor asks where will Suraj stay, he will fall ill living outside under the sky. Bhaiya ji says I don’t know anything, Suraj is bandhua, no one will give any money and job to Suraj. He wants to see how Suraj earns a living now. Bhaiya ji tortures Suraj again. He wants to make Suraj beg to people for money. He says villagers will not get ration if anyone gives food to Suraj. Chakor asks Suraj not to worry, as she is always with him. Chakor and Suraj will be facing new troubles in village.


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