Dil Se Dil Tak — Parth’s loyalty


Parth’s mother asks Shorvori to give her pregnancy news soon, else Dada ji will not allow them to stay with the entire family. She gives a deadline to Parth and Shorvori. She says the relations may break soon. Teni gets a shock knowing insemination failed and she is not pregnant. Parth and Shorvori get shocked. Shorvori does not want to give away Parth to someone else to obtain a child.

Teni tries hard to woo Parth, but fails. Shorvori cries seeing Parth’s loyalty to her. Parth expresses his love to Shorvori. They hug and have a moment. Shorvori and Parth love each other a lot. Parth is an ideal husband. Shorvori is touched by his goodness and love. Bhabhi comes there and interrupts them. She says so sweet, I have closed my eyes, you can continue romance. Teni is angry to lose to Shorvori, as she could not win Parth. She feels she has lost her respect by that bad step to attract Parth. Shorvori gets upset. She removes her accessories and throws away angrily. Teni cries and is frustrated to the core after Parth’s lecture on love.


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