Shakti — Preeto’s dangerous ploy


Soumya does not know how to start the shower tap. Harman helps Soumya and starts the shower. He fulfills her wish of enjoying the rains. Harman does mischief and makes her smile. She asks him to stop the shower, as she is feeling cold. He asks her to enjoy the shower rain. Harman flirts with her and asks her if he could enjoy shower rain along with her. She says no, I m done and want to leave. Harman sees her and smiles. Soumya imagines enjoying rain with Harman.

Harman throws rain water on her and they have a romantic moment. Soumya dances in the rain. Harman keeps doing something, as he loves Soumya a lot. Preeto sees Soumya with Harman. She gets angry and determines to do anything to separate them. She decides to use Surbhi against Soumya and ruin Soumya’s happiness. Preeto will play her dangerous game and employ Surbhi to make Soumya away from Harman. Will Preeto succeed? Keep reading.


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