Ragini’s new condition to trouble Suraj-Chakor in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Suraj goes to village and asks the people to give him some work. He is ready to cut wood logs. Bhaiya ji asked Suraj to ask work from villagers and earn living. The lady says Bhaiya ji will not give us extra wages if we give you any work. Everyone refuses to help Suraj. Suraj worries and leaves. Suraj gets hungry and sits in a shade. Chakor gets food for him and feeds him. She holds her dupatta to saves him from sun heat. Suraj thanks her.

Ragini comes there and sees them being happy in love. She thinks to separate them by using the villagers. Ragini keeps a condition in front of villagers. She says you all have to do my work if you all have to celebrate Holi.

Ragini does not like to see Chakor and Suraj romancing. She tells villagers can play Holi if Chakor and Suraj do not meet. Suraj says villagers will celebrate Holi well like always, if Ragini does not want me to meet Chakor, I will not meet her. Chakor gets shocked on his decision and thinks she will meet Suraj any how. She takes Suraj aside and asks him about his decision. Suraj explains Chakor that he is agreeing to Ragini as he wants to give happiness to villagers, its first time he can do something for everyone. Chakor also agrees to Ragini that she will not meet Suraj.


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