Shwetlana a step ahead of Omkara’s tactics in Dil Boley Oberoi


Shwetlana hires Gauri for spying on Omkara. Gauri refuses to her and says I will not spy on anyone. Shwetlana offers her high pay and advance. Gauri tells her that it’s against her ethics and leaves. Shwetlana gets angered. Shwetlana sees someone going to meet Omkara. Rudra stops her and makes her busy in talk. Rudra calls her as Bhabhi and surprises Shwetlana. He asks her to get habitual to hear Bhabhi from him as Omkara is marrying her. He humiliates Shwetlana by reminding her affair with Tej. Shwetlana understands he is provoking her. She calls him cute Devar. He asks her to call him if she needs help, but he can’t promise to help her. She finds his behavior strange. Shwetlana sees Omkara and thinks she needs someone for spying on Oberois. Gauri gets to know her mother is suffering from TB. She thinks of joining Shwetlana.

Gauri heads back to meet Shwetlana and accepts her offer. She hires Gauri to spy on Omkara. Shwetlana has attacked Jhanvi by the gas leak to make servant Chulbul/Gauri impress Omkara. She thinks now Omkara will not doubt on Chulbul. She asks Gauri to come and meet Omkara.

Gauri gets a big shock seeing Omkara. They have a moment. Omkara thanks her for relieving Jhanvi’s pain. Gauri gets her marriage flashes in mind. She did not expect to meet Omkara this way. She falls in dilemma over spying on Omkara. She goes to Shwetlana and refuses to work. Shwetlana scolds Gauri for taking advance and running away. She asks Gauri to work for three months and then leave. Omkara goes to check Shwetlana’s room. Rudra guards Omkara’s move. Rudra gets busy talking to his girlfriend. Omkara hides from Shwetlana. She sees an open drawer and understands someone was spying on her.


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