Shivani realizes Rangeela’s troubled truth in Ghulaam


Shivani meets Rangeela’s friend Ballam, and gets to know how Rangeela came to Berahampur and became a Ghulaam. Ballam says Rangeela would have lost his life, as after his mum got mad, the mad women took him away and played with him as a toy, he could have died, after that Veer’s father got Rangeela here to make him Veer’s servant.

Rangeela felt that he is given this new life by Veer’s father, he was unable to stay in mental asylum, he was a little boy and had much innocence. Shivani gets to know Rangeela’s complete story.

Ballam says Rangeela got a life after being Veer’s servant, he felt his identify is because of Veer, he felt his mum is alive because of Veer, he accepted the burden of being a Ghulaam and took it as an honor, whatever Veer tells him, it’s final command for him, when he was asked to kidnap you and get you here, without any emotions, Rangeela married you and got you here for Veer. Shivani cries for Rangeela’s state. She asks how could Rangeela stay in mental asylum in such little age. She feels bad and thinks of the mental troubles Rangeela has been facing till now. She gets sympathetic towards Rangeela.


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