Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Pardes: Raghav and Naina take Zeenu to the hospital. Naina gets coffee for Raghav. He gets angry on her. Naina takes stress and falls sick. Doctor takes care of Naina. She asks Raghav to not burden Naina with work. Naina tells doctor that her husband is not with her. Doctor feels sorry for her. Naina meets Zeenu in ward. Inspector comes to take Raghav’s statement. Raghav gets to see the car’s number, but misleads the police by giving wrong details. Naina gets shocked knowing Raghav’s lie. Raghav asks Naina not to argue and let him help police. She asks him why is he misleading police. Raghav has a reason to hide truth. He confides with Dadi and admits his mistake. Naina misunderstands Raghav and decides to take an answer from him.


Neela and Rathore save Avni from Dayavanti’s goons. Dayavanti gets the news from the shooter that Avni got saved. Rathore shoots one of the goons. Rathore hands over the Lord idol to Avni. The shooter tries to kill Avni to take revenge. Rathore gets shot by him. Rathore drops Avni and Neela midway and distracts the goon. Dayavanti reaches the place to find Avni. Neela takes Avni with her to a safe place. She asks Avni not to lose her belief on Lord. She tells Avni that very soon they will leave the city and shift aboard, where Dayavanti can’t find them. Avni expresses her wish to visit her home. Neela and Avni fall in danger.

Mrs. Kapoor tells Shwetlana how she fooled Shivay by sending a random video to Omkara. Shwetlana praises her plan to get Tia and Shivay married by using Omkara. Anika calls up Shivay. Pinky tries to avoid her call, but Mrs. Kapoor answers the call. Mrs. Kapoor hears Anika telling she has dung Dushyant, and getting him home. Anika asks Shivay not to marry Tia and stop the marriage. Mrs. Kapoor goes to check Dushyant and gets relieved finding him in her car. She thinks Anika lied to Shivay to stop the marriage. She gets determined to fail Anika in her attempts. Anika follows Mrs. Kapoor and finds Dushyant.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik could not face Naira after knowing Mansi’s truth. Dadi asks Naitik not to worry, she will tell Manish to help them in Akshara’s case. Naksh asks Naitik to concentrate on Naira’s marriage. Akhilesh gets to know Ajay has run away from jail and calls Vijay to scold him. He gets a shock on seeing Kartik. Kartik confronts Akhilesh for hiding the truth. Akhilesh admits Mansi has done the crime and he was helpless to hide it.

Dil Boley Oberoi:

Shwetlana hires Gauri for spying on Omkara. Gauri refuses to her and says I will not spy on anyone. Shwetlana offers her high pay and advance. Gauri tells her that it’s against her ethics and leaves. Shwetlana gets angered. Shwetlana sees someone going to meet Omkara. Rudra stops her and makes her busy in talk. Rudra calls her as Bhabhi and surprises Shwetlana. He asks her to get habitual to hear Bhabhi from him as Omkara is marrying her. He humiliates Shwetlana by reminding her affair with Tej. Shwetlana understands he is provoking her. She calls him cute Devar. He asks her to call him if she needs help, but he can’t promise to help her. She finds his behavior strange. Shwetlana sees Omkara and thinks she needs someone for spying on Oberois. Gauri gets to know her mother is suffering from TB. She thinks of joining Shwetlana.


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