Durga to expose Rishi’s truth in Meri Durga


Durga is shocked to see Rishi with his friends at the garage. She realizes she has seen the same guys talking about Amrita that day. Durga unknowingly starts water machine, which alerts Rishi and his friends. They wonder if anyone is spying on them and check the garage. Durga hides inside a car and gets saved from Rishi. Later, Durga manages to run away, while they spot her and try to chase.

Sheela makes Yashpal spend a lot in shopping. Yashpal checks the money in his pocket. He realizes he has no money to buy a bridal dress for Amrita, after buying a gold ring for Rishi. Durga meets her friends and tells them Rishi’s truth. They promise to help her out and plan to expose Rishi. Durga and her friends go to meet Rishi. They see Pooja getting a tiffin for Rishi. Will Durga realize Rishi and Pooja’s relation? Keep reading.


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