Aditya to oppose Nisha’s evil in Woh Apna Sa


Aditya is very angry and stops Nisha from applying holi colors to him. He throws the color plate and angers Nisha. Nisha does not know why he reacted that way. Aditya meets Jhanvi. He wants to break his marriage and take divorce. Aditya’s dad wants to tell this to Jhanvi. Jhanvi will get to know that Aditya is married. Everyone is upset because of family problems. Jhanvi goes to apply holi to Aditya. He stops her and says I don’t play holi.

Jhanvi gets sad. Aditya decided he will not bear Nisha more. Nisha has trapped his family by her super good image. Nisha asked Aditya to fill sindoor in her maang, as it’s a rasam. Aditya refuses to her and expresses his wish to leave her. Aditya who stayed suppressed till now, has decided to tell Nisha’s truth to the family.


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