Raghav to get Armaan arrested in Pardes


Raghav realizes Naina’s discomfort in pregnant state. He does not want to punish her child, even if he hates Naina. Raghav gets blackmailed by Armaan, who happens to be Ira’s boyfriend. Raghav welcomes Armaan and his family. Pam makes Raghav do Armaan’s tilak. Armaan uses Raghav’s weakness and threatens him about defaming Ira.

Naina tries seeking justice for Zeenu. She gets informed that Raghav lied to police. She takes a reporter’s help to catch the culprit. Pam argues with Raghav for behaving rudely with them. Naina creates hurdle in the family function by getting police home. Mehra family get a shock seeing Naina back. Raghav asks Naina not to create any drama. Inspector issues an arrest warrant for Armaan. Pam and Sudha oppose Naina. Naina reminds she is not a Mehra now and is independent to take any decision. Naina wants to get Armaan arrested. Will Raghav fall in pressure and save Armaan? Keep reading.


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