Twisty: Kartik goes missing in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Kartik hides the matter about Mansi from Naitik and Naksh. Baisa feels something wrong is going to happen. Akhilesh stops Mansi from saying the accident truth. Kartik leaves from the palace in anger. Kartik thinks of Naira’s sorrow. Everyone wait for Kartik’s family, but does not know about Mansi. Baisa jokes on Suhasini for not following mahurat this time. Naira feels tensed about Kartik. Kartik drives in anger. They all get the bad weather conditions news, and also hear about sandstorm.

Rajshri and others go to manage arrangements. Naira gets worried knowing about Mansi. She shares her concerns with Gayu. Kartik’s jeep gets stuck in the sandstorm. Naira feels restless. The man informs Naitik, Manish and Akhilesh about Kartik who went out in such bad conditions. He tells that jeep is found, but Kartik is missing. The family gets a shock knowing this and rush to find him. Naira gets informed about Kartik. Naira leaves from the palace to find Kartik.

Kartik could not bear his inner struggle and faints in the sandstorm. The family members come to find Kartik in the desert sandstorm. Aditya argues with Kirti, and does not have any worry for Kartik. Till everyone reach Kartik, he gets under the sand layer. Manish shouts out to Kartik, and gets helplessly sorrowful. Suwarna calls Manish and asks about Kartik and Naira. Manish gets to know Naira has left to find Kartik. Manish and Naitik worry. Everyone at the palace cry in worry. Suwarna asks Manish to get both Kartik and Naira back. Suwarna asks everyone to do marriage arrangements and not worry, as Kartik and Naira will definitely come back. Naitik and Naksh find Naira in the storm. Naira finds Kartik’s watch and fails to find him.



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