Shivani gets accused to poison Veer in Ghulaam


Shivani is blamed of giving poison to Veer. Gulguli and everyone rush to see Veer. Shivani defends herself and says I did not do anything. Maldawadi says it seems Shivani tried to kill Veer in anger, after getting this chance to take revenge from him. She says Shivani hates Veer, doctor said Veer has eaten poison which was mixed in food. Gulguli fumes.

Rangeela does not support Shivani, and blames Shivani. Veer gets cured by doctor. He has given three-day challenge to make Shivani sleep on his bed. Veer plays this trick and orders Shivani to sleep outside the haveli tonight. Veer is smart and wants to make Shivani away, to wait and see how Shivani comes in their room. Rangeela takes Shivani out of haveli as per the punishment. Veer is adamant and is provoked by Shivani. He will win the challenge any how.


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