Tasks for Suraj; Troubles for Vivaan in Udaan


Suraj finds a new work of babysitting. Suraj is staying in village as bandhua, but is free to find any work to earn a living. Suraj has to manage children. The kids trouble him and pull his hands. They tickle Suraj and laugh. The pregnant lady asks Suraj to manage her children and she will pay him money. Suraj thought its easy task to manage kids. But, the work gets tough for him. Suraj falls down and the kids run away. Suraj looks for them and worries. He thinks where did the naughty kids go.

He understands its tough thing to manage children. Suraj is working hard for achieve his survival needs. Chakor talks to villagers to give any work to Suraj. Everyone dislikes Suraj and does not want to go against Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji is torturing Suraj is some way or other. Suraj has Chakor’s love and support with him, and is determined to prove Bhaiya ji wrong. Suraj reaches haveli to find the kids. The little girl Pakhi helps Suraj.

On the other hand, Some men trouble Vivaan and beat him up. The goon holds Ranjana and troubles her. Ranjana asks Vivaan to save her. Vivaan angrily shoots the goon. Ranjana gets shocked and asks Vivaan what did you do. Vivaan turns angry young man and beats up the goon. Ranjana did not expect Vivaan to shoot a man. All this turns out to be Ranjana and Ragini’s drama, to trap Vivaan. Ragini says Ranjana has gone much ahead to trap Vivaan, but this was important to control Vivaan by making him commit a crime. Vivaan gets in shock and sees himself after shooting someone. Will Vivaan fall in more trouble? Keep reading.


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