Siddhant begins his revenge mission in P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke


Vikram informs Shobha about the security threat. Shobha worries thinking if Siddhant is involved. Siddhant starts his mission to kidnap Rishi and Om, while Vikram and Imaan try to find Siddhant’s plan. Duggal helps them in decoding Siddhant’s motives. Vikram and his team go to catch Siddhant’s helpers. Yusuf attacks on Afreen to kill Siddhant’s child. Afreen reveals to Yusuf that Siddhant is working out the mission secretively, and they may wait for one day to find out the truth. The council saves Afreen from Yusuf, but does not guarantee to give her life the next day. Yusuf is keen to take revenge from Siddhant.


Afreen prays for Siddhant to succeed. Siddhant offers prayers and gets prepared for the big day. Afreen feels a threat. Vikram and Imaan find the route by which Siddhant would take Rishi and Om. Siddhant mysteriously takes Rishi and Om along by stating about security. Vikram and Imaan try to stop Siddhant. Vikram does not find Siddhant, and realizes Siddhant has changed his plan. Siddhant attacks on Govind Mehta and Thadani. Siddhant’s loyalty to Lala gets proved. Will Vikram be able to stop Siddhant? Keep reading.


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