Daksh’s shocking entry happens again in Ishqbaaz


Priyanka asks Ranveer and Kamini to leave. Her decision shocks Shivay and Anika. Shivay asks Anika what would happen if she said a sorry. Anika tells him that Kamini insulted Sahil and has hurt his heart. He asks why did you not show any maturity. They have an argument, to keep their families first over everything. She takes the step for Sahil’s respect, while Shivay worries for Priyanka’s alliance. Anika asks him did he not see what Priyanka said just now. He asks her to realize Priyanka did that in her defense.

Ranveer threatens Priyanka about Shivay killing three people by the accident. He asks her to agree for the marriage, else Shivay will be going jail forever for the murder case. He asks her to agree for marriage. Priyanka cries and thinks to save Shivay. Anika gets Shivay to Priyanka and asks her to think of her decision. Priyanka says I want to marry Ranveer. She lies to Shivay that she loves Ranveer. Anika feels sorry. She believes Shivay and cries that she has spoiled everything. Shivay forgives Anika and understands her reaction.

Shivay fixes a meeting with Ranveer Randhawa and Kamini. She says I m helpless because of Ranveer. Shivay apologizes to Kamini. Anika stops Shivay and apologizes to Kamini as it was her fault. Shivay calls her anger justified. Kamini tells about her brother, who is equal to Ranveer for her. Shivay thanks Anika for apologizing to Kamini. Anika tells him that Priyanka is her sister too. Shakti asks Kamini is everything forgotten and forgiven now. Daksh makes a shocking entry, and takes all of them by surprise.

Shivay gets angry seeing Daksh. Anika gets scared. Daksh tells them that relation will happen when he gives his nod. Shivay asks Daksh to get lost. Kamini tells Shivay that Daksh is her younger brother. Oberois get a big shock. Daksh tells Anika that he is back. Shivay reprimands Daksh. He says I was trying to fix this proposal, but now I refuse to this proposal from my side, I won’t give Priyanka in such family where Daksh stays. He tells Kamini that Daksh is a psycho, who attempted to kill Anika.

Kamini asks Shivay how can he insult them. Priyanka cries and this weakens Shivay. Kamini asks them what is their final decision. Daksh taunts Shivay and asks Anika to touch his feet and apologize to him. Anika asks Shivay to think of Priyanka, and stops him. Anika touches Daksh’s feet. Daksh gets glad. Kamini proceeds with Priyanka and Ranveer’s Roka ceremony. Omkara asks Shivay not to proceed with this decision. Shivay feels Priyanka’s happiness is important to them. He promises to save Anika from Daksh.


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