Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai: Kavya goes missing


Choti Maa is trying to find out Abhimanyu’s truth. Choti Maa and Rajveer visit Priyam’s village to know about him. There is much suspense about Rishabh’s secret. Rajveer gets injured and is brought home. Kavya is in love with Rajveer, but he loves Gitanjali. Kavya takes care of Rajveer. Rajveer gets distanced from Kavya. Kavya gets angry and leaves from home. Choti Maa is being strict with Kavya, and does not want her to be with Rajveer. Kavya goes missing in the morning on Holi day. Choti Maa does not inform Rishabh and finds about Kavya. She sends the servants to get Kavya home. Meanwhile, Gitanjali worries for Rajveer. He hides the matter from Gitanjali that he was spying on Priyam’s family.



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