New twist in Priyanka-Ranveer’s story in Ishqbaaz


Kamini flirts with Shakti, which makes Pinky gets jitters. She asks Kamini to feed sweets to Tej, not Shakti. Kamini insists and feeds sweets to Shakti. Pinky starts feeling insecure. Pinky’s strange behavior makes Tej laugh. Tej likes seeing Shakti in such situation. Kamini gives the shagun fruits to Priyanka, and asks her to have papaya. Shivay reacts and stops Kamini from serving papaya to Priyanka. Pinky asks Shivay not to worry, fruits are fruits, it does not matter.

Shivay signs Priyanka not to have papaya. Ranveer takes the papaya to feed Priyanka. Shivay angrily throws the shagun plate. Everyone gets puzzled by his reaction. Shivay makes excuse that the fruits had ants. Kamini argues with him, feeling bad by his step. The family manages to carry on the ceremony ahead.

The Roka ceremony gets completed. Shivay catches Ranveer and gets angry on him for feeding papaya to Priyanka, even after knowing the truth. He tells Ranveer that he is doing this relation as Ranveer promised to take care of Priyanka. He reminds Ranveer that pregnant women don’t eat papaya. He asks Ranveer to be cautious next time. Ranveer apologizes to him. Ranveer does not show his true colors to Shivay. Shivay warns Ranveer and tells him that he will not spare Ranveer’s life if anything happens to Priyanka. Priyanka feels sorry that Shivay and Anika had to low themselves for her sake. Priyanka apologizes to Shivay. Shivay promises to make everything fine. It gets clear that Shivay is helpless to get related to Randhawas, because of Priyanka’s pregnancy.


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