Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita gets a call from someone about Pihu. Ishita and entire family rush to find Pihu. An auto driver saved Pihu from the goons. He informs everyone that he has saved Pihu and called them to come and pick Pihu. Stressed Pihu faints before telling about Raman. They worriedly take her home. Pihu gets conscious. Ishita asks Pihu what happened that Raman could not drop her home. Pihu tells Ishita about Raman’s accident, and how goons followed her. Ishita asks about Raman. Pihu does not remember anything. She feels sorry to leave Raman alone. Ishita worries for Raman. She informs the family about Raman’s accident. She feels sorry to doubt on Raman.

Ishqbaaz: Priyanka is afraid about the pregnancy news breaking out. Shivay asks her not to take tension, nothing such will happen. She asks if I don’t get married to Ranveer… He says I will make sure that you and Ranveer get married. Shakti and Kamini have a moment, while Pinky gets enraged seeing them. Kamini asks Pinky not to get angry, Shakti and my relation has been same since before. Pinky asks Tej to talk to Kamini, as they both are similar in nature. Kamini makes Pinky jealous by sharing their love story. Shivay too pulls Shakti’s leg. Pinky controls Shakti and sends Kamini to check the invitation cards.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:

Atharv calls Ravish to inform him about Madhav. He assures Ravish to drop Madhav. Ravish and Vividha decide the place to meet Atharv, who tells his name Raghav to them. Ravish does not identify Atharv’s voice. Atharv prepares to meet Ravish. He spends some time with Madhav, and feels attachment with time. Suman tells the family that Madhav is Ravish and Vividha’s son. She sends Chintu to drop Madhav. Atharv stops Chintu and tells them that he spoke to Ravish and he will go to drop Madhav. Suman gives drugs to Atharv to stop him from meeting Vividha. Suman sends Madhav to Ravish and Vividha, and is determined to keep Atharv and Vividha separated.

Dil Boley Oberoi: Tej gets the wine bottles delivered at home. Shivay comes to Omkara’s room to meet Chulbul. Gauri dressed in normal attires, hides her face and talks to Shivay. He says I wanted to talk about Chulbul and Omkara. Gauri gets a shock. He asks who are you. She says I work here. She touches Shivay’s feet to take his blessing. Gauri goes to bathroom to take Chulbul’s getup. She meets Shivay. Shivay asks are you Chulbul. He does not find any special thing in Chulbul as Rudra said Omkara is attracted to Chulbul. He says I just wanted to see whom Omkara hired. Gauri says I know you love Omkara a lot, I will take care of him very well. Shivay asks Chulbul to take care just normal way. Gauri gets puzzled and does not understand what Shivay wanted to say.

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani, Pratima, Krishna and Bhavna team up to find about Baba, who is thinking he is Hiranyakashyap’s reincarnation and has to kill Yuvraaj to gain miraculous powers. Baba feels Yuvraaj is Prahlad of this Kalyug. Suhani follows Baba to his place, but does not find Yuvraaj there. She makes Baba believe that he is gaining super powers. Baba doubts and finds out that Yuvraaj is still alive. Suhani takes Krishna’s help to trick Baba in an extraordinary illusion.


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