Anika gets hurt by Shivay’s silence in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz huge drama

Kamini tells everyone about the married couples blessing Priyanka and making her wear the chunri as part of the ritual. Tej and Jhanvi bless Priyanka and adorn her with the chunri. Shakti and Pinky too grace Priyanka by their blessings. Jhanvi asks Shivay and Anika to come for the ritual. Kamini stops Shivay and Anika, and makes it clear that just married couples can be part of the ritual. She remarks Shivay. Jhanvi says Shivay and Anika got married.

Kamini does not believe them, and says Tia is Shivay’s wife as known to the society. Rudra and Omkara explain that Shivay married Anika. Kamini does not want Anika to do rasam as Shivay and Anika’s relation has no name. Daksh enjoys seeing Anika’s insult. Jhanvi, Omkara and Rudra support Anika and tell Kamini that Anika will do the ritual. Kamini leaves the decision to Shivay. Daksh blackmails Shivay. Tej does not want Anika to do the ritual. Kamini says the world does not know that Anika is Shivay’s wife. Shivay gets under Daksh’s pressure and sends Anika away. Anika gets hurt. Shivay tells Kamini that he won’t do the ritual without Anika and leaves.

Anika feels hurt by Kamini’s remarks. She misunderstands Shivay and thinks he could not give their relation a name, as the marriage did not have Shivay’s wish and happiness. Shivay tells her that it’s not the reason. Anika gets angry on him, for making her leave from the ritual. She asks Shivay why does he not tell her what she means to him. She gets more hurt when he does not have any answer. Shivay asks her why is she thinking all this. She feels he has let her down by not giving her a wife’s status. She thinks the relation is not important to Shivay. Shivay tells her that this relation is important to both of them.

She asks him why did he deny to their relation. He could not tell Anika about Daksh’s move. Anika gets enraged by his silence. Anika manages the arrangements for Priyanka and Ranveer’s engagement. Shivay gets informed that Daksh is coming home. He asks the security not to let Daksh come inside Oberoi mansion. Rudra asks Anika to be with Shivay. Anika does not want to spoil things. Rudra makes her stand with Shivay. Daksh makes an entry, shocking Shivay.


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