High Five Spoilers

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Beyhadh: Vandana throws the junk over Maya and insults her. Maya cries and silently bears all the humiliation. Arjun wipes her tears and hugs her. Saanjh sees them. Vandana hates Maya and has serious problem with Maya. She does not trust Maya and is testing her. Vandana is sure that Maya is not right for Arjun.

All this happens in front of Arjun. Arjun argues with Vandana and says Maya always asked your love and you always insulted her, you have given her hatred every moment, this junk is your thinking, this shows your standard. Vandana gets shocked. Arjun is angered seeing Maya’s insult. He tells Maya that if you stay here, I will leave you. He says Vandana can’t digest my happiness, so she did not accept my wife, she is step mom, if she was my own mom, she would have given importance to my happiness, she had to show she is step mom.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai:

Gitanjali plays holi with Rishabh and dances with him. Rathore family plays holi in a grand style. Entire haveli gets crowded and colored. Rishabh dances on dhol. Abhimanyu enters there. He applies red color to his face and plays dhol around Rishabh. He calls out Rishabh. Rishabh senses that Abhimanyu is around. Abhimanyu applies color to him. Rishabh is blind and can’t see Abhimanyu.

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Chandrakanta declared a war between Virendra and Shivdutt. She gets in tension after the war result. Virendra did the unexpected. Though none can fail the ultimate warrior Virendra, he accepted his failure in his fight with Shivdutt. Chandrakanta gets in dilemma. She wanted to meet Virendra. She got ready and was hoping to meet him soon. She wants to thank Virendra, as he has always helped her. Shivdutt got after her and creating hurdles in Chandrakanta and Virendra’s love story.

Woh Apna Sa:

Jhanvi wishes Holi to Aditya. He does not talk to her. She writes on the boards and shows Aditya that she wants to say something to him. Jhanvi drinks bhaang and dances in full spirits. Her chunri falls on Aditya’s face. Aditya applies holi to Jhanvi. She has fallen in love with Aditya. She is very happy that Aditya have applied her colors.

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Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Shorvori are happy to welcome Teni home, as Teni has their child in her womb. Teni makes a happening entry. Shorvori introduces Teni as her sister. Everyone plan to celebrate Holi. Teni is very excited to play holi with Bhanushali family. Shorvori had to go US with Parth and Teni, so that pregnancy secret does not come out. But, Parth and Teni had to stay back for some reason. Shorvori informs everyone about her trip to US.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HzKe-P0dBk]


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