Gauri misses out Shwetlana’s true secret in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara gives Shwetlana’s information to Shivay and Rudra. He feels they can know Shwetlana’s mystery. He wants to leave for Panchgani and know Shwetlana’s past. Shivay asks Chulbul to be away while taking care of Omkara. Rudra signs Shivay to observe Omkara and Chulbul. Omkara shows trust on Chulbul. Gauri stumbles near Omkara. Omkara holds her. Rudra and Shivay witness Omkara with Chulbul’s eyelock and current moment.

Omkara tells Shivay that its static current and nothing else. He asks Shivay to touch Chulbul and check. Shivay says I m not such man. Omkara forces Shivay to hold Chulbul. He asks Shivay did he feel current. Shivay does not feel anything. Omkara makes Rudra touch Chulbul and check current. Rudra does not feel current either. Omkara gets puzzled thinking why does he feel current on touching Chulbul. Shivay asks Omkara to check himself, if everything is fine. He shows sympathy towards Omkara’s changing preferences.


Bua showers love on Omkara. Omkara prepares to sleep. Bua likes Chulbul and gives shagun. Gauri feeds the Amla to Omkara. Omkara falls unconscious. Gauri gets ready to deceive Shwetlana in her own plan. Shwetlana comes to enter the secret passage. Gauri acts to faint and witnesses Shwetlana’s shocking mystery. Gauri to jumps inside the passage to find out Shwetlana’s secret. She sees a cold coffin and finds Shwetlana’s body inside. She gets a huge shock. She checks if Shwetlana is dead or alive. She thinks Shwetlana is treating her skin by this ice treatment. Gauri thinks Shwetlana is sleeping. Fake Shwetlana extracts blood from the real one. Gauri comes out of the passage and does not know what is Shwetlana upto. Shwetlana’s secret is way too complicated to understand.


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