Naira’s decision, mixed reactions and more in Yeh Rishta….

Yeh Rishta Shocking Naira to call off her wedding WHY

Naira gets in dilemma over choosing Akshara’s chosen dress or the one gifted by Dadi. Dadi gifts a Kamarbandh to Naira and asks her to wear it along with bridal dress. Dadi tells Singhanias about a good proposal for Gayu. Everyone think what will Naira decide. The elders ask Naira to think of both families while deciding the dress. Dadi asks Suwarna and Surekha why did she not wear much jewelry, they have to show off their richness to guests. Dadi likes Manish arranging a wonderful baraat. Aditya makes Kirti wear a costly necklace, and impresses Dadi.

Dadi makes Kartik close eyes and makes him sit for the ritual. Manish and Suwarna’s wish to tie the Pagdi to Kartik gets true by Dadi’s help. They get through lots of emotion in a single moment. Kartik thinks Akhilesh and Surekha did the ritual. Suwarna and Manish cry happily.


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Naira thinks of Akshara, and decides to wear Akshara’s chosen dress. Akhilesh asks Kartik to forget everything and just smile, as its his marriage today. Naira balances both the families’ love and blessings by wearing the dress chosen by Akshara, and Kamarbandh gifted by Dadi. Naksh tells Naira that he will explain Dadi. Baisa worries that Dadi will criticize Naira for this step. Rajshri also feels that Kartik’s family will feel bad. Naksh says I will explain Dadi that Akshara made this dress for Naira. Kartik’s Dadi gets to hear their conversation and does not hold any objection or complains. Dadi values Naira’s decision and love for Akshara.


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