Anika struggles to confess love to Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Shivay tells Anika that they are together this time and they can face any problems in life. Shivay keeps his promise and wipes her tears. Daksh likes their romance and gives best husband’s award to Shivay. He calls Shivay a bad brother. He says you surprised me by choosing wife over sister, and did not think of Priyanka’s respect. He threatens to send the photo to media. Shivay asks Daksh not to waste time and do anything he wants. Daksh finds the message not sent. Shivay says I activated network jammers here, none can receive your message here. Daksh says you can’t shut my mouth.

Daksh goes towards media to break Priyanka’s pregnancy news. Shivay kicks him down. Daksh does not want to stop. Shivay asks him not to say a word. Daksh tries telling about Priyanka. Shivay beats up Daksh. Ranveer intervenes and beats Daksh to stop him from saying Priyanka’s pregnancy truth.

Ranveer makes it clear that he can’t hear anything against Priyanka. He gets convinced that Daksh belongs to jail. He arrests Daksh. Shivay encourages Anika to settle scores. Anika slaps Daksh. He makes Daksh apologize to Anika.

Shivay winds up the matter. He tells media that Daksh is mentally unstable. He clears once again that he lied about Tia Kapoor being his wife for business reasons, but his real wife is Anika. Anika gets joyed. A sweet moment follows.

Anika thinks to express her feelings to Shivay and finds it hard. He hears the ringing bell and feels love for him. She struggles and tries to confess her feelings to him. Shivay asks Anika to speak it out, what she wants to say. She calls him the most special person in her life. Shivay and Anika’s memorable moments will be seen. She tells him everything is related to his happiness now, he is very much important to her. Shivay does not react much to her confession. She argues with him for his low reaction. Anika leaves being annoyed. Omkara and Rudra come to meet Shivay. Shivay tells them Anika always gets angry. Omkara asks what’s the matter. Rudra jokes about love fights. Shivay says I did not say anything to her, and that’s the problem. Shivay feels Anika will come back and say sorry. Anika comes back and gets water. Shivay asks her to drink water and cool her mind. Anika throws water over him. They show attitude to each other. That was missing in the show since long. Keep reading.


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