Shwetlana’s mystery intensifies in Dil Boley Oberoi


There is huge mystery about Shwetlana and her clown. Shwetlana is sure that Omkara can never know her secrets. She wants to take revenge from Omkara for fooling her. She gets determined to know what’s in the file. Shwetlana finds out about Omkara’s trip and thinks to accompany him. She sends Chulbul along with Omkara, so that Chulbul can keep an eye on Omkara. She asks Omkara to drop the toys at an orphanage. Omkara agrees.

She reminds Omkara to greet her before leaving. Gauri feels bad to go against her principles and spy on Omkara. Gauri goes to Omkara. Omkara does packing. Omkara himself decides to take Chulbul with him on the trip. He asks Gauri to pack extra clothes, as they may need to stay there for more days. He gives important papers to Gauri, by trusting Chulbul. He says I trust you a lot. Gauri feels happy. She thinks to be loyal to Omkara, she can’t cheat her husband. Omkara asks Chulbul to get ready quickly. Gauri hides the papers.

Shwetlana jumps in the secret passage to get the real one out. Omkara waves to Shwetlana, while the fake clever lady gets inside his car’s dickey. Omkara and Gauri leave for Panchgani. Gauri wishes Omkara does not have to marry Shwetlana. Omkara wishes to get some clue about Shwetlana’s past. Shwetlana is pretty sure to cover up all her secrets.

Real Shwetlana’s picture and details are kept ready for Omkara. Omkara and Gauri go to the dhaba to have food. Chulbul reminds Omkara about Gauri. Gauri asks him does he really want to marry Shwetlana. Shwetlana understands Omkara is heading to her college to find out about her past. She thinks to stop Omkara.


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