Maya and Arjun to welcome happiness in Beyhadh


Arjun is happy by Maya’s pregnancy news. Maya and Arjun will be soon turning parents. Arjun is excited to welcome his child. Arjun meets Saanjh and tells about the good news. He wanted to celebrate with Saanjh. He comes home drunk. Maya gets annoyed as Arjun lied to her about work excuse and went to meet Saanjh. Maya prepared dinner for him and was waiting for him. Maya angrily blows off candles by her hands. Her dinner plan flops. Maya finds Arjun drunk and teaches him a lesson by drinking wine in front of him.

Arjun stops her and asks her not to drink, as its injurious for her health now. He expresses love to Maya, and apologizes to Maya. Maya loves Arjun a lot. She stays angry on him for some time, and then forgives him. They both have an emotional moment. Arjun wants to become deserving of Maya. He feels he has hurt Maya a lot. Maya’s tears make him weak. Maya makes him realize that she can’t live if anything happens to Arjun.

During Holika dahan, Maya gets angry seeing Arjun hugging Saanjh. She burns Saanjh’s dupatta. Arjun sees Saanjh’s dupatta catching fire. Arjun gets worried. Maya acts good and saves Saanjh from getting hurt. Arjun asks Saanjh is she fine. He gets indebted to Maya for saving Saanjh’s life. Arjun, Saanjh and Maya burn the holika and pray.


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