Vividha to meet Atharv in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


There will be Holi celebrations in the show. Atharv plays Holi with Guddi. Atharv has lost his memory and thinks Guddi is his wife. He gets romantic and sings a song for her. Atharv plays dhol and is very cheerful. Vividha comes to Vashisht house to know about Madhav’s fears regarding Suman. Vividha gets to see Atharv and gets a big shock. Suman is keeping Atharv and Vividha separated by every way possible. Vividha can’t believe Atharv is living his life as Raghav, and has married someone. She cries feeling cheated and runs away from there. Will Suman’s lie get caught? Keep reading.



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