Veer and Rangeela’s Dangal next in Ghulaam


Shivani does holika dahan. Shivani pledges to support Rangeela and do her Patni dharm. She hates Rangeela and has anger in heart. She blows her hatred and anger in the holika fire. She wants to make a new start with Rangeela. Veer and Rangeela have a dangal match. Shivani does Veer’s aarti and tilak. Shivani wants Rangeela to win the fight, but is made to support Veer. She can’t see Veer beating up Rangeela. She prays to Lord to save Rangeela. She does not want Rangeela to love her, but wants to be by his side always without any expectations. Shivani enters the dangal ground to protect Rangeela.


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