Chandrakanta: Virendra’s quest


Shivdutt is trying to get close to Chandrakanta. Virendra is angry seeing the two. Shivdutt asks Chandrakanta to start a new relation with him, as truth has come out. Chandrakanta agrees to Shivdutt’s proposal. She says even I want the same. He invites her for dinner. He says I m sure our closeness will end the distance. Virendra breaks things and does not want Chandrakanta to come between his motives. His friend Badri explains him.

Virendra says I m angry on myself, that girl Chandrakanta is the reason of my failure, but now I have to be away from her and not let her distract me. He is finding the magical key, but Chandrakanta is dividing his focus. How will Virendra succeed?

Later on, Virendra and Shivdutt have a sword fight. Virendra lets Shivdutt win. Chandrakanta sees the fight and gets angry. Virendra has a reason to accumulate his anger. He holds his anger and plans his failure. Shivdutt is happy after winning. Virendra wants to end his inclination towards Chandrakanta and proceed to get the key.


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