Gauri hints about Shwetlana’s secret in Dil Boley Oberoi


Shwetlana wears skates and holds Omkara’s car to go Mumbai along with him, on the same pace. Buamaa gets Shwetlana’s picture and keeps it with her. Omkara and Gauri reach home. Omkara asks her to go and get Shwetlana’s picture fast. Gauri enters Shwetlana’s room and gets shocked seeing her. She recalls seeing Shwetlana in Panchgani. Gauri seeks her permission to take the picture.

Shwetlana worries seeing Chulbul in room. She fools Gauri saying she is meditating. Gauri looks for the photo. She does not get it. Shwetlana enters the room to teach a lesson to Chulbul. She hides her dead lookalike Shwetlana and rests in her place. Gauri sees her in different clothes and does not understand. Gauri looks for the photo. Shwetlana scares her. She asks did you steal anything and checks drawer. Gauri worriedly tries to explain. Shwetlana threatens Chulbul. Omkara enters the room and saves Chulbul. He makes excuse of pre-nup agreement papers to show lawyer.


Shwetlana says Chulbul did not tell me anything. Omkara and Gauri lie and try to fool Shwetlana. Shwetlana realizes Omkara is not so foolish. She thinks to fire Chulbul from job and punish him for cheating her.

Gauri is glad that Omkara always saves her. She reminds Omkara how he helped Chulbul by getting the pants. Omkara asks for the photo. Gauri tells him she did not get it. Shwetlana gets angered on not finding the photo. She fears that many problems can arise and bring her secret out. Omkara feels he failed by getting close to Shwetlana’s secret. Shwetlana takes her lookalike to the secret room. Buamaa tries to know to whom the photo belongs. Gauri tells Omkara about Shwetlana’s big secret of entering the secret passage and seeing ice box in which Shwetlana was lying. Omkara thinks Chulbul has gone mad. Gauri tells Omkara that she is not joking. She takes Omkara to the secret passage, shocking Shwetlana.


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