Prem’s death news to shock Bharadwaj family


Simar’s Prem is no more. Simar gets a big shock getting Prem’s belongings by the police. Inspector informs them about the accident and gets Prem’s clothes and accessories. Simar and Mata ji can’t accept this. Simar asks Mata ji not to cry. She has belief on Mata Rani. She says this is not true, Prem will be coming back. Everyone get more sad by seeing Simar’s state. Simar tells Piyush that Prem can’t leave them this way. She says Prem is alive, and the proof for it is that she is alive. Simar prays to Mata Rani. The family prays with Simar. Simar swears that till they know Prem is alive, she will not have food and water. She takes Pratigya. They all hope that Prem will come back. Everyone worry for Simar.


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