Anika gets suspicious about ‘Fraud in disguise’


Fake Shivay attends the aarti while Anika and entire family prays. A bad omen makes Anika worry. Pinky shouts on Anika, while Anika starts feeling her fears turning true by seeing the Devi idol. Anika fears kinner’s prediction is getting true. Jhanvi asks Anika to not take the kinner’s saying serious. Fake Shivay comforts Anika. Anika fears the worst is about to come and shares her concern with Soumya. Anika gets suspicious and self pacifies herself.

Shivay gets conscious and finds him in some isolated place. Ranveer and Priyanka get engaged. Shivay gets surrounded by the goons. The truth of the fraud man in Shivay’s place gets evident when his eye lens get down.

Shivay gets kidnapped. He is locked up inside a room. The lady asks him to just relax. He tries hard to escape, as he has to manage Priyanka’s marriage. Anika waits for Shivay for the family picture. Anika feels she should fight with Shivay once, so that everything looks normal to her.

Fake Shivay worries for his lens and does not face Anika. Rudra asks Anika to come for family photo. The fraud sees the lens and bends to pick it. Rudra steps on the lens. Fake Shivay intentionally collides with the servant and makes excuse of injury. He heads to room to apply lens. Anika goes to help him and asks him to open the door. Rudra sends Anika via window. Anika opens the window and gets inside the room. Fake Shivay applies the lens. He argues with her. She finds strange the way he messed the room. He talks to her rudely. Anika gets suspicious about him. Keep reading.


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