Piyush-Vaidehi get Bharadwaj family divided


There is much drama. Simar’s family gets divided. Entire family is standing with Roshni, while Piyush gets Vaidehi home. Simar raises hand on Piyush in anger. Everyone is against family. Pandit ji tells them that Rahu is affecting the family, everyone should tie Rakshasutra to their hands. Piyush refuses to go to temple without Vaidehi.

Pandit ties the thread to everyone’s hands. Piyush is madly in love with Vaidehi. He feels Simar is wrong at this time and wants to justify his love for Vaidehi. Vaidehi acts to be good. She asks Piyush to go to temple for puja. She says I won’t go, as they don’t regard me as family. Simar tells Piyush that he got blind and does not see difference between right and wrong.


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