Huge melodrama over Parth’s behavior in Dil Se Dil Tak


Dada ji gets angry and asks Parth did he raise hand on Sejal. Poyni wants to trouble Parth and Shorvori. Teni comes to tell Dada ji the truth. Teni tells Dada ji that Sejal does not like her and made her wear skates, Sejal pushed me down to make me fall down. Parth says Teni was falling down, seeing that I lost my senses and thought I will lose my child again. Shorvori stops Parth from admitting about baby.

Poyni says Parth just accepted that he raised hand on Sejal in anger. She counts the favors she has done on family. She does not want Parth to live peacefully. She tells Dada ji to punish Parth. She reminds how she served Shorvori when Dada ji punished her. She says Parth should be punished, he should apologize to Sejal. Sejal says if Parth apologizes, I will forgive him. Poyni is doing all the drama after Dada ji and Dadi ji’s return. Parth refuses to apologize. He says it was Sejal’s mistake, if I apologize, it will be like encouraging her. Parth angrily leaves. How will Shorvori manage? Keep reading.


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