Raman to be blamed for Vandu’s death in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita and Mihika are with Vandu at the icecream parlor. Vandu gets Bala’s call and goes to talk. Vandu gets hit by a car. Vandu’s accident shocks Mihika and Ishita. Ishita get a big shock seeing Raman’s car number plate. Mihika informs Romi about Vandu’s accident. Adi is worries for Ruhi’s reaction over the forgery matter. Aaliya pacifies him. She says we will explain Ruhi, she will understand. Romi informs Adi about Vandu’s accident. Ishita and Mihika cry for Vandu. They feel they have done a big mistake by taking Vandu outside. They fear to explain Bala. Bala waits for Vandu at home. Adi and Romi head to Bala to tell him. They break out Vandu’s accident news to Bala.

Bala and Iyers shatter by the news. Mihika and Ishita feel guilty. The doctor tells them that he could not save Vandu. Vandu’s death news shocks Ishita and Mihika. The family reaches there and get the shocking news. Bala does not want to let Vandu go away.

Amma asks Bala to find out who did the murder, this is not an accident. Aaliya informs Mani. He asks her not to tell this to Shagun, as this can affect her health. Amma is determined to find Vandu’s murderer. Inspector asks Ishita and Mihika about the car. Mihika says I did not see, maybe Ishita has seen. Raman comes home. Ishita sees Raman and denies of seeing the car.


Ishita gets saddened seeing Bala’s state. Bala finds hard to cope up with Vandu’s loss. Ishita consoles Bala. She tells him that Vandu is still with him. Inspector comes to arrest Raman for Vandu’s accident.


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