Maldawali swears revenge on Shivani in Ghulaam


Veer challenges Rangeela to make Shivani gain weight in 10 days. Rangeela accepts the challenge and starts taking care of Shivani. Rangeela finds Shivani drunk during the holi celebrations. He takes drunk Shivani to his housse so that he can hide her from Veer and entire family in the haveli. Shivani makes Rangeela dance and gets happy. Rangeela obeys her to make her calm down.

Veer gets angry on Maldawali for lying to them and making them drink bhaang. Veer punishes Maldawali. She gets angry and gets determined to take revenge from Shivani. She tells Veer that Shivani was with Rangeela. Veer looks for Shivani and reaches Rangeela’s house. Rangeela gets tensed that Veer will find Shivani in drunken state and may assume anything wrong. Rangeela hides Shivani from Veer.


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