Ricky learns a lesson from Jaggi in Saathiya…

sns ricky

Jaggi hangs Ricky from the balcony to make him get some sense. Gopi asks Jaggi to get Ricky upwards, did he get mad. Jaggi is angry and wants to teach a lesson to Ricky. Ricky challenges Gopi that he will make her lose, and then the entire world will call her loser. Gopi has lessened Ricky’s pocket money. He asks Gopi to return his money back.

Gopi asks him to remove shoes before entering the temple. She tells him that she has given him enough money for his expenses. She asks him how will he get money, will he steal money. Ricky asks does she know to joke, he is impressed, but he did not get any laugh. He says just 10 days have completed of the challenge, there are many days left, I will not let you win, you have to tolerate a lot in this coming time.

Jaggi threatens to beat up Ricky. Ricky demands his money. Jaggi takes Ricky’s class to make him realize his mistake. He makes him apologize. Ricky apologizes to Gopi. Jaggi makes Ricky understand that he should talk to Gopi with manners. Jaggi says Ricky can decide to accept Gopi or not, but he can’t talk badly with Gopi.


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