Shivdutt’s proposal for Chandrakanta gets surprising


Shivdutt proposes Chandrakanta. He plans a special surprise. He tells Chandrakanta that he wants to ask something important. He holds her hand and asks her will she marry him. Shivdutt has been waiting since long and wants to marry her. Chandrakanta says I need some time to think, its big decision, your proposal will be a good luck for any girl. He asks her to take time, but her answer should be yes.

Chandrakanta had no idea what is going to happen. Shivdutt says I can understand, girls take time to speak out their feelings. Chandrakanta loves Virendra. She is in dilemma. Chandrakanta has a duty towards her kingdom. Her mind asks her to agree to Shivdutt’s proposal, but her heart stops her. What will be Chandrakanta’s decision? Keep reading.


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