Shwetlana tracks and limits Omkara’s plans in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara is glad to know about Shwetlana. The investigator sends him the CCTV footage of the check post, where real Shwetlana is seen. Gauri identifies the photo. The man tells Shwetlana knows this girl who worked in chemical factory. Omkara decides to meet the man and get all info. Omkara happily hugs Gauri by her belief working for him. Gauri gets super happy that Omakra has hugged her. She flows in emotions and tears. She prays that she does not fall in love with Omkara, as he can never become hers.

Jhanvi signs the divorce papers and keeps her demands. Tej is happy that Jhanvi understood their separation is better for them. Tej is surprised seeing Jhanvi’s maturity. Jhanvi asks Tej to sign the other papers to fulfill her demands. Tej gets a shock by her alimony demands. She tells Tej that she worked hard to make Oberoi empire, and she needs 2000 crores. Tej finds Jhanvi has gone mad. Jhanvi asks him to pay for his freedom if he can. She makes it clear that till Tej pays her alimony, he won’t get the divorce. Jhanvi does all this on Buamaa’s saying.

Shwetlana asks Chulbul to keep an eye on Omkara. Shwetlana fixes a tracker on Chulbul by hugging Gauri. Omkara and Gauri meet the investigator to know Shwetlana’s secrets. Shwetlana gets to know Omkara’s location. Gauri feels itching on her neck and does not let Omkara see her. A documentary filmmaker Maya meets Omkara and heads inside the factory before Omkara. Omkara and Gauri go inside the factory to meet the investigator. They find the man dead and get a big shock. Omkara and Gauri get caught in the fire at the factory.


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