Fraudster plans to rob the Oberois in Ishqbaaz


Anika wonders how Shivay made her leave the room and asked for space. She gets hurt. She feels its her mistake to question him. She is troubled by the dream. She thinks Shivay is right to argue. On the other hand, Shivay thinks to do something and leave from the place to reach his family. He angrily throws the vase and gets to know the security. Fake Shivay has evil plans to rob the jewelry. He thinks where Pinky kept the locker keys. Pinky wakes up and goes to get water.

Anika gets restless in sleep. She goes to room to see Shivay. She does not find him in room. Anika looks for Shivay. Fake Shivay takes the keys from Pinky. Pinky does not get the keys and looks around.


She sees some shadow and thinks who is hiding. Pinky wakes up Shakti. She gets suspicious. Fake Shivay hides from her.

Shivay tries to analyze the place and finds a way to escape. Anika asks Rudra about Shivay. They try to find Shivay. Fake Shivay keeps hiding and manages to escape from window.

Anika tells Pinky that Shivay is not in room. They see Shivay and ask where was he. Fake Shivay manages to lie. He has big plans to dupe the Oberois. Pinky selects the jewelry for Priyanka. She asks Dadi to think again before giving dowry to Kamini. Shivay asks Pinky to keep jewelry in her locker, till the function begins. Shivay serves the breakfast to everyone. Fake Shivay robs all the jewelry from the locker. He replaces the jewelry with the fake one to ruin Pinky’s reputation in front of all the guests. Will Shivay come home on time and sort the mess? Keep reading.


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